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Inspiration lies in the world of ambitious design themes and the challenges they bring. I’m always up for experimentation and pretty fearless in design. Creative minds bring creative solutions and flexibility is key.


Designing is like an archaeological dig which slowly reveals clues about the narrative, space and characters in a drama. I think of it as revealing the visual aesthetics of a story through layers of styling mixed with light, sound and atmosphere.


I have worked in a mixture of genres including designing sets for opera, theatre, art installations and films. Following early days as a prop maker for the West End theatre (Cats, Les Miserables) a post graduate course in Film Design at the RCA launched my career as a designer in my own right.


Having worked in all areas of the art department as an art director, set decorator, buyer and standby, I have acquired all the complementary skills, as well as the broader kit needed in production design.

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